Friday, January 10, 2014

Catching The Train

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Hurray for Fridays! Don't you just love it when it's the end of the working week? Well, it's not that I'm working but I know the weekend with the whole gang (my family) will be complete again. As much as possible, we try to go out and spend some time being at a new or interesting place. But of course, I'm still struggling in updating my outfit posts though I'm certain that nobody really cares. Lol! Btw, I've been loving this jacket a lot and its been a favorite. I have been wearing them all the time.

Anyway, we took our precious little one at the Union Station here in KC so she can see Thomas in real life. We missed it though because they only had it for Christmas and we paid a visit just right after that. Dang it! But good thing they still have the mini trains for the kids to ride and the train museum. She had fun with the ride while I had fun with the lights and the view inside Union Station.

Apparently, it's my first time to be in a train station. I've never rode a train (like an old, traditional train) but would love to try someday. I always wonder too if Amtrak and the Light Rail we have in the Philippines is the same. By the way, meet the handsome pirate I met inside Union Station. :D They were having a Real Pirates Exhibit at that time but we didn't have time to get inside since everyone's getting hungry and it's getting late. 

Have a nice weekend everyone! xoxo

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