Friday, June 28, 2013

Revlon Colorstay in #310 Warm Golden Review + Swatch

For liquid foundations, I personally prefer matte finish. One drugstore foundation that I would definitely recommend is the Revlon Colorstay. But first off, my skin is in Mac NC35-37 shade or NC40 when in my super tan phase. I have a combination skin as well. I purchased mine from Walmart  for $9.98 which is a few dollars less than what you would pay at the drugstores. My first world problem for this one though is that it still has a small hint of pink tone to it. But, there are things that I thought I should consider liking it. 

Revlon Colorstay #310 Warm Golden | Combination to Oily Skin

You just have to be at the store and test the product yourself to make sure the shade you are going to buy matches you. If you already know your skin type, you can choose from what formula fits best for you such as Normal to Dry skin and Combination to Oily skin. 

Based on its claim of 24 hours of flawless look and lightweight feel, I’d say, spot on, it definitely lasts long. The first test I did was to apply a tad on my wrist and after shower it’s still there. I will share how I remove long lasting foundations on a separate blog post. You just gotta have a good makeup remover for this. 
L - Bare freckled face w/ unsightly spider red veins on some parts of my cheek. R - A dab of the product.
I normally just use one coat and therefore it never cake on me. It actually gives a good amount of coverage even though it still shows a bit of my natural skin however it can be intensified for fuller coverage. I find that I get better result by using my fingers as it appears a lot natural than with a brush. So far this foundation hasn’t caused me any breakouts. I love that it gives a semi-matte finish. If you have some dry patches on your face, expect that it will show up; refer second image below.

L - First coat | R - Applied second coat.
Even with all these favorable reviews, there are a few things, yes just a few, that I didn’t like about it. It has a strong scent that somehow reminds me of paint or glue. Can’t tell you the exact smell but I don’t like it. It dries up quickly so you have to blend right away otherwise you will end up applying more. SPF is important but the two formulas contain different spf levels. SPF 6 for combination to oily and SPF 15 for the normal to dry skin. 

Even though it’s not close to perfect shade for my skin, I still think it is a good long lasting product. It is great in preventing my skin from becoming oilier as the day progresses.

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