Friday, March 31, 2017

Fall for Mega Shiny Ruby

Since we are approaching the sweater weather, I decided to go for a bolder nail color. I don't typically follow the season's trend on nail colors but this time I just feel like going bright red. Red's are a must-have in my nail polish collection mainly because I wear them any time I want (not because it's the trend). 

Red being one of the favorite nail polish for fall, I have this amazing Ruby Ruby #369 by Sinful Colors Professional on my nails right now. The brightest red I've ever had so far. I love how it makes my fingers look young and bright as well. Do you ever notice that when you have your favorite nail polish on too? 

Side note: I know it's late but this post is supposed to be published YEARS ago. I stopped blogging for more than 2 years and out of the blue I thought and wondered how my old blog account is doing? I hope its still active. Lo and behold, it is indeed still active! Now i'm thinking about going back to posting my random shits again. Lol! Well enough said..I hope ya'll have a wonderful day! xox

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