Monday, September 16, 2013



Which handbag do you think you would never get tired of? I've got a few but I am definitely not going to splurge on them especially if I know I won't be using them anyway. But what is inspirational board for, right? Like Pinterest! It's the things that you wished for and also what we can look forward to, hoping that someday if we win the lotto (that is, if you do bet on it)  then we could easily afford to buy them in one fell swoop! Yup! That's just terrible...imagine spending all your winnings on luxurious items that ain't gonna make a good investment. Well, I'm just saying... :) Anyhow, I'm a girl and I can't help but adore what's in trend. I just love how these bags stayed fashionable even after a while. New styles are coming out but if you noticed they are not as quite as original because they still seem to look a bit similar to these babies here. I have always loved the Speedy type handbag or sometimes called the Boston ones...for me, they always seem timeless. 

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