Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ELF Professional set brushes & Studio brushes

Elf products are known for their affordable makeup and tools. They have the regular $1 brushes which I think is very cheaply made except for the eyeshadow brushes that works okay, and the studio line brushes for $3-6 a piece which is definitely a must-try. Their studio line is made of synthetic hair and cruelty free. 

A few of these brushes are just plain disappointing. Why? Because they are just that crappy. Their total face brush and blushing/bronzing blush sheds like crazy, they are gritty, and when being cleaned I can see some dye or color coming off of it. I may have had a problem once with one of the eyeshadow brush since it shed the first time I washed it but so far everything else works okay. Overall, it's not a bad brush for the price, and it is a great brush for those who are just starting out with makeup, or those who want a decent brush at a very affordable price.

I also purchased some of their new line of brushes, it was a lot better than the old one. I just had to spend an extra $2 for each ELF Studio brush. This time each brushes are more dense and smooth on the face as you apply makeup or foundation. I'm just talking in general here... yes, I am satisfied with the quality. I also like how professional it looks, great design since the handles are all black. I'm also loving their Stipple brush as I get a flawless finish every time I use it with liquid foundation. That's what we all beauty conscious gals wanted, right?! :D

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