Tuesday, April 1, 2014

B&W for Spring

It felt like winter overstayed with us this time which is exactly similar to how summer overstayed a year ago. This weird weather we are having right now really scares me but hopefully it's not something serious that we would all die soon without even knowing it! (knock-on-wood!) Anyhow, I'm just glad that spring has finally decided to come even though we still get a little snow once in a while. I'm tired of snow and my bones are already suffering from all this freezing temperature! Enough with the ranting...We finally got the chance to go by the farmers market. It's my favorite place to shop fresh produce or even just to stroll and people watch tee-hee! 

Spring B&W

Cardigan ~ J.Crew

Top ~ H&M
Jeans ~ AE
Boots ~ Call It Spring

It was a great day to stroll downtown too last weekend because our friends Bob and Betty came to visit us, so the best place to tour them around is of course the historic places. They are both carefree people so they definitely dig the farmer's market place. I wish I have taken some oh-oh-tee-dee snapshots but we were too busy being tour guides. 

Everytime I take pictures now, the song 'Selfie' keeps running through my head! Ever heard of that song? It's annoying! lol! 

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